The design of this new Satellite was based on a previously commissioned Space Needs Assessment delivered by +VG Architects.

The facility provides clinical services (immunization, sexual health, dental, etc.) teaching services (prenatal, breastfeeding, food handler, etc.) as well as administrative services (communications, human resources, etc.). +VG worked with an internal WDGPH committee to review the site and design the building to meet WDGPH specifications.

WDGPH intends that Shelldale Centre convey the message that this facility offers more than traditional services. This concept originates with the strong and positive reputation that the client has established with the other community service and health care providers within the multi-use building that Shelldale Centre is part of. The new facility was designed to impart a positive image to the community as safe, welcoming and comfortable, while operating in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

The accessibility needs of staff and clients were important components of the Owner’s criteria. The implementation of sustainable principles / practices was an important objective throughout the design and construction phases. The design met WDGPH’s requirements respecting the environmental, operational, life-cycle, quality and construction aspects of the project.


Guelph, Ontario




5,000 ft²


New Construction