The new EZT Municipal Offices, designed by +VG Architects, are set to be a stunning addition to Hickson, Ontario. This new 13,000 ft2 facility is currently under construction and promises to be a state-of-the-art space for the local council and community.

The building will house council chambers, offices, staff workspace, multipurpose meeting rooms, barrier-free accessibility, low-energy mechanical systems, and water-saving measures. One of the most impressive aspects of this new facility is its design, which expresses the future ambitions of community growth while also paying tribute to the past. The building’s form tips its hat to the former railway station that once stood on the site, blending the old and the new to create a modern and timeless structure.

The building design is also cost-effective, making use of suitable materials and building methods to create a space that is not only beautiful but also functional. The result is a practical and aesthetically pleasing building, a perfect reflection of the community it serves.

Inside, the design consists of open, light-filled spaces that create a sense of airiness and freedom. The particular emphasis on the visitor experience and good customer service means that the building is designed to be as welcoming and accessible as possible, with careful attention paid to every detail to ensure visitors feel comfortable and at ease.

The council chambers are a particular highlight of the building, with their large windows and comfortable seating creating a professional and welcoming atmosphere. The multipurpose meeting rooms are also a key feature, providing flexible spaces that can be used for a range of different events and functions.

One of the most critical aspects of the building’s design is its focus on sustainability. The low-energy mechanical systems, water-saving measures and provision for EV charging ensure that the building is as environmentally friendly as possible, using the latest technology to minimize its impact on the planet.

In summary, the new EZT Municipal Offices, designed by +VG Architects, are set to be a stunning addition to the Township of East Zorra-Tavistock. The building’s design expresses the community’s future ambitions while also paying homage to the past. Its focus on sustainability ensures that it will address our shared responsibility of reducing our carbon footprint.

The building is under construction, on time and on budget and is scheduled to be open in September of 2023.


Hickson, Ontario




13,000 ft²


New Construction