As expressed by the Owner, the +VG design incorporates these goals:

  • Designed to achieve LEED® Silver certification
  • A secure and safe environment for staff and visitors
  • 24 hours a day during regular operations
  • Uninterrupted emergency services and systems in the case of a community emergency.
  • A positive architectural addition to the community, which will encourage police and public interaction, and which will increase staff morale through presenting an up-to-date, professional image
  • Open and inviting to the public, in keeping with the St. Thomas Police philosophy to be accessible and cooperative, yet meet the modern security requirements to ensure the Safety of occupants and property.
  • Compliance with the latest standards of good practice for police agencies and policing adequacy standards and which incorporates the latest in design trends, features, systems and environmental considerations within an established project budget.
  • Appropriate spaces to address many purposes including separation between areas occupied by police staff, the public, the press, and victims of crime, witnesses and suspects.

St. Thomas, Ontario




43,000 ft²


New Construction




Mario Madau