Planned, designed and successfully completed by +VG Architects, this new detachment is not what you might expect in a police station.

Looking more like a town hall or public library, it reflects the growing movement towards community policing: a contemporary approach to law enforcement that integrates community functions within the traditional police station, in order to foster a closer relationship between the police and the community. The result is more open and accessible policing.

Designed within budget constraints, the building has an efficient plan, with no wasted space. Using open plan work spaces for the major office areas allows visual openness and helps foster a sense of community within the detachment.

This is a building of substance, made of quality materials fitting for a public building. Located off of the public entry, the Community Room provides the main link between the police and the community.

The project conforms to Wellington County Green Legacy Sustainable Building Design Standards, a custom alternative to programs like LEED® developed by +VG in collaboration with the County.


Teviotdale, Ontario




19,000 ft²


New Construction