Grey County had identified the need to review its facility requirements as a result of growth needs of the community, a desire to create consistency in space, and to develop a team that promotes better working environments and more effective community service.

The County engaged +VG Architects to provide a documented, definitive Space and Programme Analysis and Master Planning for the Administration Centre and the adjacent POA Courts building. A clear space needs programme for growth was developed with the detailed input of County stakeholders and staff, based on County criteria:

  • Space Planning and Functional Plan
  • High Level Functional Design and Programming
  • Flexibility through good design for the future
  • Layouts of furnishing for spaces designed and integrated to allow for optional functionality, privacy and security
  • Smart Workspace Design / Collaborative Workspaces
  • High quality and healthy atmospheric environment / enhanced daylighting and air circulation
  • Easily expandable without disturbing the existing operation
  • Implementation of Advanced Technologies
  • Sustainable Design / low operation and maintenance costs through the use of quality materials and systems

The Study culminated in a Master Plan for development of the site and its buildings. Strategies were examined, for making existing space more functional, improve circulation and visibility, and to make the buildings more attractive and community friendly. The Report gave Council confidence to proceed to implementation. +VG Architects were hired to implement the plan and construction is now complete.


Owen Sound, Ontario


County of Grey




50,000 ft²






Mario Madau