Innisfree House is envisioned to be a welcoming home for people in need of end of life care.

Design of a hospice begins with an understanding of residents’ needs as much as the needs of the staff providing the highest level of care. During this project, +VG demonstrated sensitivity to both the intangible and practical elements required to ensure the success of the project.

Innisfree House is a unique facility in Kitchener, created to provide an improved, alternative palliative care environment with a non-clinical, home-like atmosphere for bereaved families.

The key word for understanding the concept of a hospice is Care. Care of the dying, care for grieving families and friends, and care for the community of staff and volunteers who serve in the facility. The design for Innisfree House welcomes residents upon arrival, with a wide embracing glass entrance and overhead canopy offering immediate protection from the elements. This entrance passageway and adjacent foyer are significant to the hospice philosophy: Residents arrive through the front door and leave by the front door. Staff and volunteers gather for both.


Kitchener, Ontario




16,200 ft²


New Construction