Hamilton-Wentworth DSB is consolidating all facilities that deliver non-instructional programs and services to a New Education Centre.

The Board currently has its departments and services spread throughout four facilities with its main office downtown and other programs like warehouse/workshop, computer services and other administrative staff spread throughout three schools. Two major benefits to this consolidation are overall area reduction and operational efficiency.

+VG assisted the Board in an extensive evaluation of a number of potential sites for the New Education Centre. We professionally assessed 18 sites. The objective was to identify viable sites available for purchase that did not have limitations that compromised program needs.

+VG worked closely with Board personnel to confirm the number of departments/services, support spaces, population of staff per department, types and number of workstations, and offices. Common areas and outdoor areas such as parking, loading, and open space were defined.

+VG gained a clear understanding of direct and indirect relationships (adjacencies) of department to department, public areas, staff areas, meeting areas, storage areas, etc.. General concepts of open office areas vs. private office areas, multi-functional spaces, multi-use meeting areas, consolidated storage areas, views, and natural light were determined.

+VG met directly with all Board User Groups and retrieved very specific information with respect to the inner workings of each department. An understanding of inter-relationship requirements produced efficient and effective building and operations planning for the new Centre.

Cost estimates were prepared by the Board’s Cost Consultant, based on detailed functional program/space program and block schematic design building plans prepared by +VG. Concept site plans were also prepared by +VG. The design phase is currently underway, on schedule.


Hamilton, Ontario


Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board




115,700 ft²


New Construction




Mario Madau