This unique design achieves an exciting and graceful balance of heritage and modern architecture.

The new two-storey addition is connected by a glass link to the existing historic Town Hall. Creating a visual separation between the link and the new addition is a stone wall that rises five feet higher than the rest of the building.

Central to this theme is the enhancement and formalization of the existing arrival to the building, through a transparent, transitional glass gateway. The structure of the Atrium is located in the current entrance to the historic building, as a significant expression of its activities and interests of its users. The gateway naturally flows out onto the public courtyard to form an invisible transition.

Throughout the planning, design, and construction process, +VG Architects worked closely with staff, stakeholders, and the community, by leading a process based upon meaningful consultation.

The interior allows for flexibility in planning and future change. The design incorporates a healthy workplace, through generous spaces, inviting materials, natural light, and natural ventilation brought together in an imaginative and creative manner.

Generous windows, skylights, atrium spaces, and stairs offer staff and visitors access to daylight and views, thus creating welcoming environments with a friendly, non-institutional feeling.


Town of Milton




50,000 ft²




2010 Public Works Project of the Year
Ontario Public Works Association