Huntsville is physically defined by its natural setting of forests, granite, and water.

The environment has shaped the development of the community and contributed to the development of a woodland and waterfront character that has commonly been described as the “Muskoka Style”. One of the primary objectives for this development is the respect of the natural environment.

The proposal development, divided in six distinct phases, consists of three-storey, stacked town-homes buildings for a total of 13 blocks and 122 units, distributed along a winding road, on the south-facing slope of a hill. The site offers a spectacular view of the lake at the bottom of the hill. Landscaping has been designed to connect the buildings with the street and assist in the direction of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The landscaping also reduces the visual impact of parking areas, loading areas, and garbage storage areas.

A recreation/utility Pavilion structure with washrooms, change room facilities, pool equipment storage, and a site servicing pump room is proposed at the core of the development, and nested within the slope of the hill.

Natural cladding materials with a warm palette of colours are used throughout.


Huntsville, Ontario




13 Blocks / 122 Units


New Construction