In 2015, +VG was retained to conduct the Master Plan update for the Jordan Historical Museum. A Plan has been drafted for a new facility which will bring the museum into the 21st Century.

The design shows a modern museum composed of a combination of wood, glass and stone. The new facility will have a full basement and community space and will look out onto Twenty Valley. The overall vision for the site is to create a cultural gateway for the town. The shape and layout of the new museum will make the museum’s “walk-in artifacts” more prominent upon arrival.

The road to a new facility has been a long one for the museum, which was started by a group of volunteers in 1953. “It’s been a dream since the museum started,” said Director Helen Booth, noting the old home housing the museum has been a challenge. “The museum has always needed a home. We’ve gone from pillar to post over the years.”

One of the biggest challenges of the space is its inability to house the museum collection. Artifacts have to be stored off-site at Town Hall for proper preservation. “Everything will be coming home,” said Booth, noting the collection will be set up in a way that makes it visible to museum visitors. Another key feature of the new design is a proposed amphitheatre, which will enable the museum to expand its programming by way of music and performing arts.


Lincoln, Ontario


Jordan Historical Museum




9,600 ft²


Master Plan Update for Addition