+VG Architects were retained by the Kingston Community Health Centre in 2012 to design the new Napanee Area Community Health Centre (NaCHC).

The two-storey building reinforces the urban street edge offering a colonnade and covered walkway for pedestrians and building users. Upon arrival from the west, the building establishes a “gateway” into the downtown pedestrian district.

The new centre will house a variety of programs including Primary Care, Diabetes Education, Community Support, Indigenous Health, Partners’ Space and associated storage and building service spaces. The Indigenous Health program includes a circular Healing Lodge that is used by the Elders for “healing” events, as well as shared by the community as a meeting/gathering space in conjunction with the larger multi-purpose Room.

An intimate entry courtyard on the south side of the building provides a landscaped area for the program’s Sweat Lodge. The Sweat Lodge structure will be constructed by the local Indigenous community upon completion of the building.


Napanee, Ontario


Kingston Community Health




15,000 ft²


New Construction


David Bell