Located in Kingston, and part of the St. Lawrence River tourist corridor, Fort Henry provides a living example of garrison life within the period before and after Confederation.

In 2007, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) classified the Rideau Canal and all area fortifications and surrounding land- scapes as a World Heritage Site. To augment the new World Heritage classification, a new Visitors Interpretive Centre was proposed to further develop the attraction for an immersive tourist experience. New programs have been designed to increase revenues for the site, and to prepare for an increase in attendance by the local community and tourists.

Careful consideration was taken to design this attraction on a historic site at the entrance to the Rideau Canal system.

The project included a new multi-purpose space and event venue, outdoor patios, an 1,850 ft² gift shop for museum souvenirs, a 800 ft² snackbar, and public wash- rooms.


Kingston, Ontario


December 2012


10,000 ft²


New Construction on a UNESCO World Heritage Site




Peter Chatterton


2014 CAHP Awards
New Building on a Historic Site