+VG designed an efficient two-storey narrow linear building to suit the narrow rectangular site. To minimize the cut and full work required on the sloping site, the building was located in the middle of site at the point where the cut and fill balanced out.

The Owner required an economical design. The +VG design solution was to build a load bearing masonry structure with precast second floor system. Roof top mechanical equipment was chosen primarily for low capital cost.

Mechanical units are complete with heat recovery. The tinted windows all contain premium low emissivity film to reduce solar heat gain.

+VG identified several “Extraordinary Cost” Items and the Ministry provided additional funding for them over the funding formula.

+VG Developed an extremely efficient floor plan cutting 10,000 ft² off target area per Ministry standard.

+VG included several separate prices and alternate price items in order to have some flexibility to tailor the tender contract value to match the funding available while maximizing the value for the owner.


Hanover, Ontario




98,000 ft²


740 FTS


New Construction