The YMCA Midland Revitalization Project entailed design and contract administration services for the construction of an extensive set of renovation activities within the existing facility.

+VG Architects were initially retained to provide a facility Condition Assessment and Master Plan for the phased implementation of program and deferred maintenance upgrades.

Extensive investigations into building envelope failures were conducted, including destructive testing. Partial re-roofing and wall envelope repairs were performed to remediate the integrity of the vapour barrier, which had been compromised causing the high-humidity air to damage the exterior bonded masonry wall. Key program upgrades included:

  • Renovate all Locker Facilities
  • Add a new Family Change Room
  • New Windows into the Pool & Gymnasium
  • New Entrance & Stair at North Side
  • Relocate and enlarge Conditioning Area
  • Renovate Reception and Public Spaces
  • New multi-purpose fitness studios
  • Life Safety and HVAC upgrades

The project accomplished twin agendas of extending the usable lifespan of the building for another 25 years, and refreshing the space through a design, which focused on creating light, open, healthy, and inviting spaces.


Midland, Ontario






22,000 ft²