Victoria Park Stadium is a highly regarded soccer specific stadium in the north-eastern part of the City.

The stadium has been in operation since the 1970’s and required significant upgrades to the fence enclosure, bleacher seating areas and scoreboard, as well as the provision of a Fieldhouse, housing a ticket kiosk, public washroom facilities, and change rooms for the players.

+VG was retained by the City of Brampton to design and administer construction of the various improvements. The project mandate from the client stressed ‘enclosure’ and ‘public gateway’ as key objectives in that events scheduled at the Stadium are often high profile and ticketed.

A material palette was developed for the project that was robust – precast concrete, galvanized steel, and brick. These materials were utilized in combination to create rhythm and interest while unifying the Stadium with the adjacent arena building to create a cohesive recreation complex.

Phase One involved the removal and replacement of the existing fence enclosure, bleacher stands, and scoreboard. The design of the new fence involves a combination of pigmented precast concrete panels and custom-designed galvanized steel channel fence panels that are both robust and opaque. An accent wall in brick was located at the vehicle gate into the Stadium.

Phase Two completes the stadium enclosure with the construction of a new Fieldhouse building along the eastern edge of the field, creating a new public entrance into the stadium. The public enter past the ticket kiosk through a “breezeway” that can be secured with sliding gates when the stadium is not in use. The Fieldhouse also provides public and universal washrooms; two team change rooms, a referees change room, and an alternate change room; and some minor service spaces.


Brampton, Ontario


City of Brampton




3,750 ft²


New Fieldhouse & Stadium Improvements




Mario Madau