This project involves the conversion of sports facility to student centre, including lecture halls, and student gathering areas.

The original student centre building included a pool, exercise rooms, squash courts, change rooms, and gym on three levels, as well as student services which included a food court, restaurants, bar, and movie theatre in the remainder of the UCC. When a new recreation centre was built in another part of the campus, the opportunity arose to convert the UCC recreation facilities into classroom spaces, which are in high demand on the UWO campus. A new 250 seat lecture theatre is also included in the scope.

A major challenge of the renovation was to transform the squash courts and the pool into usable spaces. Access during construction to the pool area, which was located on the lower level, was created by punching a hole in the exterior precast and concrete walls for a new set of exit doors and a mechanical louver. Equipment and steel had to be lifted into the space, and debris from the demolition had to be removed via this opening. The original student centre building included a gym with three courts. The design makes use of this large area in a new way. The student council explored many ideas for possible uses and ultimately decided to convert the gym into a lounge space with a stage/platform, and a balcony with lounge, study area, and multi-use.


London, Ontario




83,000 ft²


Renovation & Addition




Mario Madau