The School of Graduate Studies Administrative Offices are located in two century houses: 63 St. George and 65 St. George Street, built in 1872 and 1891.

Both buildings are listed on the City of Toronto’s heritage registry and required a sensitive approach to renovation that would provide modern office amenity while maintaining the distinctive heritage character of the two buildings.

The School of Graduate Studies defines and administers University-wide regulations for graduate education and represents the cause of graduate education at the University of Toronto.

The primary project goal was to create better space for graduate students to interface with the administration, with student common space, counselling and consultation space, and oral defense rooms that provided a more welcoming and dignified atmosphere.

The project commenced with an evaluation of the School’s Functional Program and space planning template to test options for improved organization and workspace efficiency. The building had been extensively modified over time and many of the rooms were awkwardly planned with poor circulation and ad-hoc provisions that severely compromised the quality of space. In particular, the HVAC and lighting systems were in need of improvement to meet a modern day Administration Office standard. The renovation scope of work included:

  • Rework of partitions and layout to support the program and respect original building layout
  • Provided new centralized HVAC system through entire building
  • New limited ceiling installations as required to support HVAC work while preserving plaster heritage cornices
  • Revised Building Exiting to allow for the removal of one existing fire escape stair
  • AODA compliant Accessibility measures throughout the first floor of the building.
  • New Interior Finishes including preservation of significant historic finishes
  • Heritage window replacement


Toronto, Ontario


City of Toronto Listed Heritage Site




10,000 ft² (63 St. George Street)
6,500 ft² (65 St. George Street)


Renovation & Restoration




Stephani Buchman