This project required the continuous operation of three school buildings on site during construction and demolition after construction was occupied.

The school design is based on a variation of the cross-shaped prototype +VG developed in response to the guidelines of the Ministry of Education. The circulation layout features a large lobby which ties the wings together and provides direct access to the Administration Office and Library areas. The large lobby area also provides a warm welcome for all visitors and a place for informal collaboration and fellowship.

The basic design enhances security by eliminating hidden corners. The entrances and parking lot are well-lit and there is good wall lighting provided to enhance security.

The drop-off and pick-up area is laid out to be closest to the parking lots, minimizing the distance between these “kiss n’ ride” zones and the daycare entrances and exists. This maximizes the supervision of these zones, thereby increasing the security of children being picked up and dropped off. Simultaneously, this expedites the time spent by parents dropping off or picking up their children from the daycare facility, which in turn substantially reduces vehicular congestion.


Cobourg, Ontario




67,500 ft²






Mario Madau