Although 85 Richmond Street West was originally lauded for its high-quality offices and cutting-edge technology, by the new millennium it was out of date.

Planned in relation to the construction of the adjacent EY Tower, the rehabilitation of the building by Oxford Properties will create new high-grade energy-efficient office space while highlighting the character-defining heritage features of the building.

Upgrades to the building include the addition of insulation, modern mechanical systems, building automation systems, and streamlined PATH connection to increase occupant comfort and make the heritage building more environmentally friendly. The building’s characteristic reinforced concrete structure and Chicago School U- Plan will be clearly legible and connect tenants to the history of building while simultaneously providing the higher ceilings and flexible floor plans demanded by modern tenants.

The street-facing elevations of white brick and limestone will be restored. Reinstatement of Beaux-Arts style cornice details at the roof in addition to the reinstatement of original fenestration and spandrel details at the base will accentuate the division of the façade. The heritage lobby is to be preserved, with use as an inviting central entrance from the street being restored for the first time in decades.


Toronto, Ontario


Oxford Properties Group


Ontario Heritage Act, Part IV




145,000 ft²


Heritage Consulting Services